David Mann at H-D’s 95th, by Dave Nichols

Posted on September 26 2016

David Mann at H-D’s 95th, by Dave Nichols

David Mann happened at the 95th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee - Sacred Steel Bikes

One of my favorite stories about David Mann happened back at the 95th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee. I was new to Easyriders and the editor at the time was Keith Ball. He asked me to rent a car (not an expensive one) and drive David Mann and his wife Jacquie around at the event. I was to get David to and from the Rider’s Ranch we had set up where he was to sign autographs all day, every day during the big rally. So I got the biggest, blackest Lincoln Towncar I could find and drove David and Jacquie from the lousy motel they had put us at, 30 miles into the city for his autograph sessions every day. David would sit there, signing away with his poor, arthritic hands all frickin’ day. At night, I was to take him directly back to his motel (and don’t let him drink!).

         So, we pulled into this little, out of the way biker bar and went inside to discover the entire place was filled with David’s art. The owner of the bar was a huge David Mann fan, had collected David’s centerspread art in Easyriders for years and had them framed all over the joint. Ever humble, David was blown away. He just couldn’t believe anyone would dedicate a bar to his paintings. He was that kind of guy; humble and the real deal. The owner of the bar could not believe that David Mann was in his establishment. Needless to say, none of us from Easyriders bought a drink all night. In fact, I think that was the only time I can ever remember leaving a bar with a fresh cold beer sitting in front of me.

         —Dave Nichols

         editor-in-chief, Easyriders

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