Everything Welded Except Broken Hearts | Indigo Moon

Posted on September 22 2016

Everything Welded Except Broken Hearts | Indigo Moon

Sometime in early 1999 a young sheet metal fabricator found his calling. Jason Wilson from Los Angeles California was chopin and building hot rods since he was a young teenager. Seeing how hot rods and choppers kinda go hand in hand, it was just a matter of time before young Mr. Wilson made the transition from rods to choppers. He dove head first into his first build, stripping an old Ironhead Sportster down to the bone, ditching everything but the drivetrain and building a full custom chopper. While fabricating the gas tank he came up with the name Sacred Steel, and the shop motto… Everything welded except broken hearts.

Sacred Steel Bikes - Everything Welded bu Broken Hearts   Fast-forward 10 years, many builds later and even more broken hearts Jason was approached to do a new build off show for the History Channel called Chopper Wars. The premise of the show was to have two builders go head to head in a chopper building contest. The twist was, both bikes had to have a WW2 theme. Sacred Steel got the P51 Mustang, and the other guy got the Japanese Zero. Jason has never been that guy to give two shits about all the TV chopper stuff going on past or present and was reluctant to participate. A few of his friends agreed to help out with the build so he agreed. Naturally the Sacred Steel team crushed the completion. They built a 1946 Knucklehead with all hand made sheet metal and as many small parts they could in the two weeks allotted for the show. The bike was a real masterpiece and caught the attention of the production company.

   For the next five or so years the production company tried to convince Jason to shoot another sizzle real for different builder show ideas. None of them really interested him, so he kept refusing. Jason was busy having a good time with the MC he cofounded with some friends. Jason and 7 others founded the DOUCHE LAROUCHE MC in the mid 2000’s. The 8-man club was so busy running amuck around the SoCal area they really didn’t care too much about TV or building bikes for profit. So Sacred Steel became known as the shop with no customers. All the bikes built and fixed in the shop were the club members or close friends.

            Jason was forced to move his shop around a few times before settling Downtown LA in the China town area. It went from Chino, to Whittier, to Duarte, and to East LA before finding his home downtown.   It is here where the same production company caught up with Jason again and finally nailed down a pitch that Jason was into. He gets to build choppers his way, with out all the bullshit drama that you have seen on other chopper build shows. He would be able to do an honest build show, with all organic shenanigans… no staging of shit, just boys being boys.

            This bike, the Indigo Moon was the first bike completed by Jason, Floppy and Chris for the new show. The fresh S&S Knucklehead motor and Baker Transmission will make this one of the most reliable/radical choppers we’ve seen in a while. Fellow DLMC brothers like Paul Cavallo from Spitfire Motorcycles pitched in and machined quite a few pieces for the Indigo Moon; like the super long and narrow front end. The wicked paint was laid down by brother Sweet Baby James and friend of the club Casey Johnson from Head Case Kustoms. Lets not forget about the Frazzeta inspired mini mural done by yet another DLMC brother Wayne Wreck.

Sacred Steel Bikes

Easy Riders Magazine Cover - Sacred Steel Bikes

            Before Jason and the Sacred Steel crew started this build we made a little bet that they couldn’t finish it in the three weeks they promised … You’ll have to watch the show to see who won. Tune in to Sacred Steel on Discovery Channel this September to see the Indigo Moon start from a crate motor to this beautiful piece of functional art.

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